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Countdown to the 700th Anniversary of the suppression of the Knights Templar

Almost everyone has heard of the Knights Templar and Freemasons. What about copper scrolls and secret ritual?

Freemasons swear to guard the secret knowledge upon pain of having ones throat cut across, their tongue cut out and buried in the sand where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours. What secrets do they swear to keep? If a Freemason is honest they don't really know. Speculation has suggested vast wealth, the whereabouts of hidden treasure, the location of the Holy Grail and even the severed Head of Christ.

The Knights of the Temple and Freemasons in the highest degrees already have vast wealth, untold business power and political influence. What then is the ultimate secret - the supreme possession that is still sought after today?

"Novus Ordo Seclorum" - A New World Order is perhaps the oldest dream of powerful men. Spiritual control or domination is the key to achieving this. Having the knowledge and power of God would provide the ability to possess this key.

My book "The Mdina Touch" - the first of a planned trilogy - traces a thread from Ancient Egypt in Pharaonic times through Moses fleeing Egypt with the Secret Knowledge of God to the present day Knights Templar and the search for the remaining hidden scroll on the island of Malta.

When Moses, a Prince of Egypt, fled this land he possessed miraculous powers that he initially used against the Egyptians. He later went on to found a nation and was revered for having almost God-like powers. The Almighty Power of God had passed from the Ancient Egyptians to the Hebrews!

Eventually the Jerusalem Temple was built as a permanent Tabernacle for the Ark of the Covenant as well as other well known religious artefacts. Most of these were looted in 70AD by Titus and removed to Rome.

In 1118 the order of the Knights of the Temple was founded with nine members and had their headquarters on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Subsequently, they excavated beneath the Temple and virtually overnight became more wealthy than most of the Kings of Europe.

One of the copper scrolls brought out of Egypt by Moses was recovered by the Knights and some of the Ancient power- giving Ritual is practised by the Freemasons and Knights Templar of today. They must possess the second scroll, however, that was removed from the Jerusalem Temple by St. Paul before embarking on his journey to Rome. Without this second scroll their spiritual power and ultimate authority over the world is incomplete.

Liverpool, in the old County of Lancashire, forms part of the largest Masonic Province in the world. It is here that my story begins and the adventure quickly moves to Malta, Egypt and America.

Read more about these adventures and discoveries in The Mdina Touch...






Steve Parker is consumed by guilt as he returns to Liverpool to finalise his grandfather's affairs. Orphaned from a very young age Steve had been raised by his grandfather, Stuart Henlaw, who had confided in his grandson that he was the guardian of some incredible secret knowledge. MORE



The injection he had just been given caused a delicious warm glow to flow through his veins. Then his head began to spin. His heartbeat became audible as his pulse drummed in his ears. Clenching his fists and straining against the bonds made the sinews in his arms stand out like cords through his aged, parchment-like skin. He rotated his wrists until the skin smeared away and the nylon straps dripped, saturated with his blood. He tried to use the pain to focus his mind. MORE


Way off to one side of the square...



Way off to one side of the square a lizard basked on a discarded stone trying to absorb as much warmth from the sun as possible, before the shadow that was drawing inexorably closer eventually cut off the source of heat like closing an oven door. The ferocity of the sun heated the stone to the temperature of a griddle and the lizard lifted one foot at a time, in careful rotation, to prevent its feet from frying. MORE





Crouching, waiting... The smell of the damp earth making me nervous...


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