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Jewish Cemetery, Deane Road, Kensington, Liverpool


Hidden behind a decaying facade in Deane Road, Kensington, is an old Jewish Cemetery. There is only one entrance and the whole place is surrounded by a high wall and completely concealed by the adjacent houses.

I had absolutely no idea that this cemetery was here and many other people I have spoken to since are also unaware of its existence. Inevitably, it was night time when I visited and little did I know but I was in for a few surprises.

From the very first photograph orbs started to appear. Some faint ones are just visible near the centre of this photograph.

The two photographs above were taken within seconds of each other at 21.50hrs. You can see some more orbs starting to appear although they are quite faint.


Orbs can be seen coming over the Cemetery wall. It looks almost as if they are coming to get us.

I have no idea if they are able to control themselves or even move in a conscious way. The time of this photograph was again 21.50hrs

Yet some more orbs. This time they are coming over the top of the arched entranceway to the Cemetery. Photograph taken at 21.51hrs.

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In this photograph there are quite a few very faint orbs above the head stones. Photograph taken at 21.51hrs.


And now things start to get very strange. You can clearly see two quite large and very dense orbs just to the right of centre by the headstone.

At this point, on what was a calm night, an incredibly strong wind started to blow out from the cemetery through the entranceway.

Wayne said it was time to go and he moved away from the entrance. When I asked what was wrong he asked me "could I feel the wind blowing?"

Of course, I could, but I hadn't really connected it to anything. As Wayne stopped taking photographs and moved away from the entrance the wind died completely.

Being a complete sceptic I expressed my doubts that the wind had any connection to taking the photographs. To prove the point Wayne handed me the camera and told me to point it at the entrance and take more pictures.

As soon as I took a picture the wind started up again, blowing out from the entranceway.

The three photographs on the right are the ones I took as the wind resumed its ferocity. All the photographs were aimed at approximately the same place (it was totally dark and very difficult to see).

What that dark patch is, totally blocking out the picture in the middle photograph, I have no idea. there were no obstructions in the way and I am positive it was not my finger. Any suggestions?