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Great pyramids at Giza | Pyramid of Khufu

The pyramids of Giza are probably the first thing brought to mind when someone mentions Egypt.

Here the Pyramid of Khufu is receiving the blessing of Ra. (Lit by the sun).

sphinx and sphinx temple at giza on egypt holiday

One of the most enduring monuments of Ancient Egypt.

There is much discussion over the age of the Sphinx. Egyptologists date it to the time of Khafra (builder of the middle pyramid), whereas Geologists argue that the Sphinx shows signs of water erosion due to precipitation. They therefore date it to circa 10,000BC.

egyptian pyramid at giza near cairo The Pyramid of Khafra, the middle pyramid at Giza, still retains some of its casing stones. This gives us an impression of what the gleaming white majesty of the pyramids would have looked like before the Tura Limestone casing was harvested during the building of mediaeval Cairo.



Before I had actually visited Egypt and seen the enormous size of the pyramids for myself, I had often searched through books to try and find a photograph that shows the pyramids with a familiar object (person or building etc) to provide a reference for me to appreciate their size. I hope this photograph does just that.

In the desert haze you can just make out the three pyramids on the Giza Plateau. Even though they are in the distance they still dwarf the buildings in the foreground.

The second photograph is of the two entrance ways to the Great Pyramid. The lower one is a forced entrance and is the one used today. Look carefully and you can see people who are dwarfed by the sheer volume of stone.

fellucca ride on school trip to egypt A timeless scene on the Nile.


ramesis ii statue at karnak temple on egypt holiday




Upper and Lower Egypt are symbolised with the lotus flower and papyrus plant respectively. Depicted on the side of Ramses II throne at Abu Simbel is the Nile god Hapi binding the Two Lands.

A beautiful Lotus flower from the pond in the courtyard at the front of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Each day this plant enacts rebirth and renewal of life as it dips below the surface of the water at night only to be reborn with the sun at the dawn of the new day.

collossi of memnon during a holiday to egypt The Colossi of Memnon, in reality the colossal statues of Amenophis III are all that remain of his temple on the West Bank of the Nile.

It has been said that this scene from "The Book of The Dead" is evidence for the existence of another Sphinx buried somewhere out in the desert that sits back to back with the one at Giza.

It is also suggested that the large oval shape between the two sphinxes is a sealed chamber that contains lost secrets of the ancient world!!!



If you are interested in visiting Egypt
independently or with a group
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Pyramid of Khafra at Giza, Egypt The Pyramid of Khafra seen from the Western Necropolis on the edge of the Western Desert.


Rock-cut tombs at Gize plateau and necropolis


Rock cut tombs of the western desert - giza plateau

The Rock-Cut Tombs of the Western Desert are rarely visited by Egyptologists and tour guides never have the time.

Hany is pointing the way into the hidden valley of this rarely visited burial ground.


aswan high dam and catarracts of the Nile


aswan on egypt holiday

It is traditional in Egypt to take afternoon tea at the Cataract Hotel.

Agatha Christie wrote "Death on the Nile" while staying near Aswan


temple of abu simbel, egypt


Abu Simbel needs little introduction.

I long to be there at the solstice when a ray of sunlight can be seen travelling down the temple floor into the inner sanctuary to illuminate the pantheon of gods.

Tutankhamen's treasure needs no introduction from me. These well known pieces are testament to the skill, craftsmanship and religious dedication of the Ancient Egyptians.

the treasures of tutankhamen during egypt holidays and school trips to egypt




I love Anubis. He sat in this position, in complete darkness, watching the partly open door of the shrine and guarding his sleeping king - waiting...

For nearly two and a half thousand years Anubis faithfully waited until Howard Carter broke through the sealing wall into the burial chamber and delivered Tutankhamen into the modern world.

canopic chest of tutankhamen taken on egypt holiday The Canopic Chest and Vessels that contained Tutankhamen's internal organs.

Tutankhamen's second coffin. Made from solid gold.

golden mask of tutankhamen The world famous mask.



An alabaster lamp that was probably used in Tutankhamen's palace. Oil would be poured into the container between the four columns and a floating wick used to provide light.

I have also thought that water may have been poured into the larger container in which the lamp is sitting. As the water evaporates it would help keep the room cool.

"Beneath my feet I will crush thy ememies..." Tutankhamen's sandals depict the enemies of egypt and with each step that he took he would symbolically be crushing the enemies of his country.
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